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Galvanized Wire Fence

Galvanization is a chemical application for the metal to gain resistance to rust and corrosion. The application, formed as zinc coating, provides a long physical life. Galvanized Wire Fence product is a special product developed to serve in open areas for long periods without any coating. The product with different mesh ranges and wire thicknesses is used to meet the safety requirements in many areas.

Galvanized wire mesh features

In normal conditions metals such as iron and steel are used in outdoors. In the case of no isolation application, these products can get rusty and lose their quality in a short time. This is not acceptable because it meets a need such as security. For this reason, wire fences are coated with polyester materials or galvanized. Galvanized Wire Fence is a product that stands out with this feature. The product can retain its original form for years without corrosion and rusting. Galvanized applications, which do not visually lose its metal color, significantly increase the strength of the wire fence. Galvanized Wire Fence applications are the most commonly used methods in terms of ensuring the safety of the field garden, roadside drying and industrial enterprises, as well as the areas requiring intensive security.

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