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Wire netting are used to cover sports fields and farming fields alongside with security purposes. For some case, some prefer poly-vinyl-chloride covered wire netting instead of galvanic fences. PVC covered wire netting which are produced differently with their thickness and knitted spaces are sufficient solutions to confront security needs with its long-lasting feature. Besides these products can be used to cover up big fields and also you can make extra addition to the same product to cover your afterly enlarged areas. It can easily be said that with these properties, that system can be used for reasonable prices for mid-level security purposes.


There are not much of difference between PVC covered wire netting and ordinary wire netting. In today’s world, wire netting which don’t contain any kind of coating are not used anymore. Because wire netting are usually used in opened areas, they contact directly with air and this situation carries the risks of rusting and collusion. PVC covering and galvanic applications are the most common methods while producing wire netting. With the usage of these systems fences do not get any kind of damage.

PVC covered wire netting is the type of a fence system which are covered with polyester before the application of knitting. The product that can be produced using different wire thickness has the standards of different knitting space. According to your needs, you can purchase any amount of PVC covered wire netting. We offer services for covering up places like sports fields and playgrounds for wire netting purposes and also offer you our help service for fence applications and for your other needs.