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Today, security needs are among the primary needs for all areas except for special protection areas. Sites, industrial facilities, separate houses and villas, schools, public institutions, poppy areas where security is needed and fields such as field and garden, fence and wire fence systems are used to protect the main methods. Of course, in some cases, fence, wire fence or wall may not prevent the transfer of malicious people to the area. In this case, it will be necessary to strengthen the security needs further and to strengthen the fences with additional measures such as razor wire. Razor wire is the application of the cutter Steel wire which makes the pass impossible in the point where they are applied. As it can be used alone, it is possible to use razor wire as an add-on to existing walls and fences. This material can be used in any environment in accordance with the project and can significantly increase the security level.

Razor wire, in which galvanized steel sheets are converted into a cutter and wire-like form by special forming machines, can be used as a safety measure for a very long life due to the nature of the material. In areas equipped with razor wire, a deterrent measure is taken at the point of entry of the malicious people into the area. It is not possible to overcome this obstacle easily. Therefore, people who will enter the area without permit will give up on this action when they see razor wire. As the main aim of security applications is to be deterrent along with the preventing it, we see the application of razor wire as a very effective solution. Our company can offer the most qualified solutions to your needs. You can meet your security needs by contacting us by purchasing products at affordable prices.